Tamisha aka “V I B E Q U E E N" has been in the music industry for over a decade as a singer/songwriter and now also as the host and founder of VIBE TALK MUSIC. She has been in multiple girl groups and has been featured as a singer on a Grammy nominated rapper’s record.

Born in Germany and raised in the Netherlands she discovered life changing facts about herself including that she was half adopted and the daughter of a former DJ/Rapper who spend 10 years in prison for attempted murder and narcotic use.

She has 2 brothers and looks forward to meeting her sister and biological father for the first time very soon. She is grateful to have been raised with a strong sense of work ethic which she gets from her father who raised her and a “No nonsense attitude” which she gets from her mom.

Moving to the US at age 14 allowed her to be grateful for the diversity in education she received as well as having the “Immigrant mentality” of hustle and grit.

After being married to someone in the music industry she realized the importance of music business education and felt it even more financially when she had to file bankruptcy in 2018.

Thus the birth of VIBE TALK MUSIC, a music networking event which was inspired out of her own struggles as a independent artist. Recognizing the need for more exposure for up and coming artists as well as music business education, V I B E Q U E E N features a guest speaker discussing topics ranging from branding to taxes and PR to bookings.  The event closes with a featured artist interview and live performance.

She looks forward to traveling the country and the world with her music, VTM and good vibes!

VTM is a safe space for artists to connect, learn and discover new music while helping each others network grow. 
— V I B E Q U E E N